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What we do

We anticipate

the change that’s a constant in healthcare. The complexities involved make it a challenge to keep track of the big picture and draw the right conclusions.

We help

you actively shape your future with the assistance of realistic scenarios and recommendations, rather than be caught off guard or overwhelmed by new developments.

We correct

missteps – we offer solid analysis to help get you ‘back on track’ with a blend of portfolio optimisation, investment and cost-cutting.

We optimise

your success – not our fee. That’s because your success is what counts. Our rates are fair. Our costs are straightforward and transparent.

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Sustainable project outcomes, thanks to a continuous consulting team

Our consultants not only offer academic training and long-standing career experience in healthcare facilities; they also spend a long time working for aktiva – and your project.

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The new edition of the rehabilitation expert opinion commissioned by AG MedReha has been published. For 2021, cost increases of between 2.24 and 2.87 percent are forecast. The results of the expert opinion show that rehabilitation has to expect additional costs in many areas on top of the challenges going along with the Coronavirus pandemic.

The brief on the activity-based coronavirus surcharge for rehabilitation facilities, commissioned by AG MedReha, has been published. Since the coronavirus crisis began, stricter regulations have gone into effect relative to social distancing and hygiene in rehabilitation clinics. These present a variety of challenges to everyday operations and…

According to official statements, the purpose of the German COVID-19 Hospital Relief Act (COVID-19-Krankenhausentlastungsgesetz) is to provide assistance to hospitals during the coronavirus crisis. However: What specific impact does this package of measures have for the results of your hospital’s operations?