aktiva Beratung im Gesundheitswesen GmbH

Consulting that will propel you forwards! aktiva Beratung im Gesundheitswesen GmbH is a consultancy specialising in healthcare, backed by comprehensive industry expertise. We speak our clients’ language – developing solutions that match your needs.

Our consulting approach is a holistic one and always tailored to your individual desires and needs.

Leveraging their broad-ranging experience, our consultants devise solutions in a host of healthcare areas and assist you with clear results.

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How we work

We anticipate change

Healthcare is in a state of constant change: New therapeutic and diagnostic approaches are being created all the time, and demographics and morbidity within the population are evolving. This complexity often makes it difficult to keep track of what is going on. We monitor and analyse trends for you, anticipating the changes that are going to matter to your organisation.

We correct missteps

Sometimes, things can be headed in the wrong direction for a long time before anyone takes notice. Arbitrary cost-cutting measures are often the wrong path to take, and they can even make matters worse. Working from a solid analysis, we help get you ‘back on track’ with the right blend of portfolio optimisation, investment and cost-cutting.

We calculate and assess impacts

Specifically, how will these changes affect your organisation? What kinds of resources do you need to keep on hand? We examine your entire portfolio of medical services and calculate how these trends can affect your cost and revenue structures under a range of different scenarios. Based on this, we derive concrete recommendations and steps that you can take.

We join you in developing new approaches

You can actively shape your future with the assistance of realistic scenarios and recommendations, rather than be caught off guard or overwhelmed by new developments. We are right there alongside you. From the beginning until the measures are complete. Experience teaches us not to evaluate your data blindly on the basis of some pre-existing scheme; what guides us are your needs.

Expertise, even on very specific matters

Auditing / Corporate finance

We work with leading and experienced audit firms.

Architects / Construction planning

Where issues around building structures are concerned, we work with teams of experienced architects to develop tailor-made solutions.

Legal issues

For legal issues, we cooperate with specialized law firms in the fields of labor law, corporate law or medical law.