The highly anticipated federal hospital reform was further specified by the Federal Ministry of Health in the key issues paper dated May 19, 2023. The current paper contains statements on reserve financing, level allocation and service groups including quality specifications. In principle, it was pointed out that the NRW service group model,…

In cooperation with "aktiva, the German Geriatrics Association has developed the 4th revised edition of the White Paper on Geriatrics. In it, the current and future geriatric care needs are determined, compared to the current care situation and thus the future security of geriatrics is evaluated.

For the fourth time, »aktiva surveys senior physicians in hospitals and members of medical societies regarding their assessment of the development of medical specialties in hospitals. In addition to the forecast of central performance parameters, the focus this time is also on outpatientization and the effects of the currently discussed hospital…

We are delighted to have once again been named Best Consultants 2023 in the study conducted by the business magazine brand eins and the market research institute Statista. This means that we have been in the best lists in the "Health Care" sector for five years now, with maximum top marks in customer ratings!

Since November 2022 Ms. Owczarzak strengthens the team of the »aktiva management. She has been working for »aktiva for many years and was significantly involved in the establishment of the business area of elective accommodation. Ms. Owczarzak is responsible for this together with Prof. Borges - now also as Managing Director.

Since April 2022, aktiva has expanded the group of shareholders and managing directors.

Mr. Sven Marth was appointed managing director after many years as authorized signatory and partner.

In 2022, aktiva ranked among the top in the healthcare field in the study ‘Germany’s Best Consultants’ by business magazine brand eins and market research institute Statista for the fifth time in a row. We are particularly pleased with the maximum score we have achieved in customer ratings for four years now. The very high satisfaction of our…

The new edition of the rehabilitation expert opinion commissioned by AG MedReha has been published. For 2022, cost increases of between 2.40 and 3.45 percent are forecast. In addition to the cost increases in the basic model, a simulation of actual personnel cost structures was conducted which shows additional cost increases of 2.83%.

In June 2021, we published an article about "hospital medical centres" in the journal "arzt & karriere". The article examines pitfalls and gives recommendations for the successful establishment of a medical centre by a hospital - which is, by that, take the first step towards becoming a fully-integrated and patient-centred healthcare company.

In 2021, aktiva ranked among the top 10 in the healthcare field in the study ‘Germany’s Best Consultants’ by business magazine brand eins and market research institute Statista for the third time in a row,